How We Work

We Make It Our Business to Deliver Resumes That Automatically Make You Stand Out

……Not Just “Sit Around” Looking Pretty

We’re not just about brilliant looking resumes. Our resumes are attractive, yes—but, more importantly they are constructed to make you stand out from all of the other applicants, with the least amount of effort on your part. There’s little point in having a resume that doesn’t do anything to attract potential employers. No one should—or would intentionally—invest the money for a resume that does nothing but take up space in the garbage can of every human resource professionals it comes in contact with.

Here’s what you can expect from our professional career services:

  1. You get a professional quality resume that captures and holds the readers attention. When employers come across your resume they make split-second decisions to toss it or continue reading it, so your resume must make an immediate positive impression. Not only do our resumes grab readers’ attention the moment they set their eyes on it, we also provide you the means to develop ongoing relationships with targeted prospective employers.
  2. Your resume will stand out amongst the 1000’s of applicants who apply for jobs. Anyone can put together a generic, bland template resume (with generic results), but you want a captivating resume that “steals” interviews away from the other applicants. When your potential employers scan through the massive pile of resumes on their desk, they will be comparing your resume to others who have the same degree/diploma and/or similar experience. We make it our business to capture those targeted prospective employers attention enough for them to want to interview you.
  3. The resumes we construct are easy-to-update. It’s a snap to add a new job title or change existing text. You have total control over your own resume and when you update it. Of course, we can also do that for you, but we give you the flexibility to do it yourself if you choose.
  4. We help create a unique identity for you that compel potential employers to take action. We’ll hone and polish your identity and make it crystal clear to your potential employers. We also design the text and format so that readers can easily figure out your value and what you can contribute when they quickly scan your resume in less than 40 seconds.

My Guiding Principles

A great job with growth potential in a great company is not optional. If you’re not excited about a job offer, if you feel like you’re “settling” in any way, I recommend you not accept the position. With my approach, another offer will come along before too long that will be perfect for you. Many of my clients have turned down multiple jobs before accepting the right position, and have all been very happy with their decisions.

I work with the same level of urgency that you have. If you are unemployed, I am painfully aware that you are losing $2700 – $5000 a month or more every month you’re not working; if you’re underemployed, each day that you’re not being paid what you’re worth is costing you hundreds. If you’re in an unsatisfying job, each day can seem like an eternity. For these reasons, I start the clock ticking from the moment you receive your new resume and my singular goal is to get you hired.

My Approach

You can expect a quick response to your daily needs. Nothing is more frustrating than trusting your career to a professional firm if they don’t return calls and emails in a timely manner or if you are only allowed to talk with them 30 minutes a week. At Standout Grads, every one of us has the same sense of urgency about your career as you do. This is why I take on a limited number of clients each month; so that I can be completely accessible to each person I work with. Your calls and emails are always returned the same business day – usually within 2-3 hours – and we will have as many phone conversations as it takes to construct the perfect resume for you..

What Makes Standout Grads Different than Other Firms?

Standout Grads is very different than any other career services firms in the market. Here are just a few of the advantages:


You’d be hard pressed to find another career services firm in Canada that can consistently produce results for student prices like Standout Grads. In fact, nearly all other career services firms include in their success criteria their clients’ satisfaction in the type of position, target industry, geographic location and compensation package. But what’s missing is the time it takes for their clients to land their next position. Some can’t even tell you an average. When working with me, those other criteria are a given. But beyond that, my clients consistently start their next jobs in weeks, rather than the 4-6 month average of other firms.

One-on-one attention

I strongly believe my success lies in taking the time to work one–on-one with you, to learn the “how” behind your achievements in order to create your unique identity and make you standout you from the crowd.


When seeking the assistance of a career services firm, you are nearly always talking to a member of their sales force prior to enlisting their services. How can you be sure the person writing your resume or optimizing your LinkedIn ™ profile has the knowledge and expertise that is essential to win in this competitive job market? In the larger firms, their staff turnover is up to 50%, and the training they receive is as little as a weeks worth. With Standout Grads, you speak to me before contracting with my firm. I will be writing your resume and optimizing your LinkedIn ™ profiles. I will be your instructor, coach, cheerleader and drill sergeant. You will always have an expert in your corner. And I have handpicked an elite team to work behind the scenes for your research and administrative support.

These advantages have enabled my firm to accomplish the near impossible in 2013, like landing a client his first job right out of university (no relevant experience) within 3 weeks working as a corporate security guard for a municipal government’s mayoral office.

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