It’s Your Career…Sell It Well!

Since employers receive 600 – 1,000 resumes for every position they post publicly, it is essential that your resume be more than just a nicely formatted documentation of your experience and credentials. As a student or recent graduate, you need a resume that compels the decision maker to respond like they have just read an advertisement. If this is missing from your current resume, it explains the lack of response you are getting, as it is nearly impossible to raise your hand high enough in the current sea of applicants to get noticed if your resume looks like everyone else’s.

The real intention of the resume is not to get you a job, it is to get you a phone call. So the document does not need to overload them with everything that you have done and everywhere you have been. You need to give employers the highlights of your strengths and achievements so that they are curious enough to give you a phone call to learn more about you. You need a 30-second commercial.

In order to do this most effectively, it is imperative that you are extremely clear on your message to a potential employer; you need to state in no uncertain terms what you can do for them and why you are the person to do it. When you define your unique combination of strengths, achievements and education, your unique value proposition, you are positioning yourself as an investment that will pay great dividends for the next company that hires you. You are positioning yourself as the Rock Star that you are. In doing this, you are no longer just another candidate. You are THE answer to their needs.

Elements of an Effective Resume

In the same way, to be effective, your resume needs to do these things:

  • Define you and how you do business , quickly give someone a good idea of who you are.
  • Identify your core strengths to attract the employers that are looking for someone with those strengths.
    Communicate your value proposition to explain why you are worth a premium price.
  • Strongly support your core strengths with specific, quantifiable achievements to prove your valueMake all of these points in a relevant way to your target position.
  • Minimize the impact of any liabilities, like switching industries, unemployment, age, etc.
  • Look completely different than anything else an employer or recruiter may receive, while maintaining a first class image.
  • Your Immediate Results

    When you are successful at the above goals, you immediately see different results when using a professionally branded resume:

  • When applying for posted positions online, your response rate increases.
  • When you update your online profiles on the job boards and LinkedIn, you receive unsolicited phone calls and emails from interested recruiters and employers who have found you while searching for qualified candidates.
  • When getting your resume in the hands of the decision makers, you receive phone interviews from those employers who are looking for exactly what you have to offer them.
  • During these interviews, the employers are extremely eager to talk with you, and you find they do most of the talking. Your resume has pre-sold you, they know you can do the job, and it’s only a matter of whether or not you are a good personality fit.
  • You are presented as a top performer, a Rock Star, and therefore positioned to receive a higher offer in pay. It is easier to negotiate for a better compensation package as well, as long as your Rock Star positioning is maintained throughout the hiring process with stellar interviewing and follow up.
  • Our Process

    As you can imagine, the traditional process for writing an professional resume has to be thrown out the window in order to accomplish your resume standing out among the 1000’s.

    At Standout Grads, the resume preparation process consists of the following four steps:

      Your resume will be analyzed fully and you will be contacted for additional information used to additionally enhance your resume.
      We take an average of about 6-8 hours to professionally construct your resume.
      You will receive draft 1 and will work with us to make draft 2 perfect.
      You will receive draft 2 and a sudden burst in confidence.

    My clients tell me one of my greatest strengths is the ability to pull achievements out of their career they had either forgotten or not even known existed, and phrase achievements in a way that succinctly tells their story and shows them to be the Rock Star they truly are. My clients consistently claim that this is the greatest value of my resume writing services.

    This process is extremely difficult to do on your own, since it is hard for an individual to assess the strengths of their competition and to know what employers are specifically looking for today relative to each position. This is where an experienced professional like me comes in handy.

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