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“The Standout Resume”

Being a recent graduate with no practical experience made it very difficult to find a job. I would apply to at least 10 jobs a day and would receive no reply. After re-evaluating my resume and searching for a solution to achieve better results, I came across Standoutgrads was able to review my resume and recommend a package that suited my needs. In less than a week I received my professional resume and cover letter, and I was very satisfied with the results. Now my resume was professional and was able to display my skillset for the jobs I was applying for. I then used the new resume and cover letter to apply for a job in my field, within a few days after applying I received my first interview. After attending the interview, I could proudly say that I got the job and am currently working for the school board as a web application developer. Overall I would recommend standoutgrads services because of their great customer service and fast turnaround. If I did not use standoutgrads services I would most likely still be looking for a job. Thank you Standoutgrads.

S. Djurasevic [2013 Grad]
Honours BIT in Game Development and Entrepreneurship -
University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

“The Standout Resume”

As a kinesiology undergraduate student, getting into the field is very important as well as challenging. As a developing field jobs are limited and often restricted to the graduate students and professionals. Before using Edward’s standout resume services, I was a nervous candidate when applying to jobs and entering interviews. Presently I am confident, and fearless when completing these two tasks. The services offered by Edward left me speechless and more than satisfied and confident. He restructured, reworded, and reorganized my resume while giving it a more professional design. After applying to a desired student athletic trainer position for the second time, my revamped resume finally blew them away. I am now working as a language assistant for the Acadian school board in Nova Scotia, the Saint-Mary’s university women’s rugby team and Dalhousie university men’s basketball team as a student trainer. I would recommend Standout Grads services to anyone, no matter how old or experienced they may be. Edward is so talented and amazing at what he does.

E. Tuyet Vu-Noreau [2015 Expected]
Honours BA in Kinesiology – Dalhouse University.

“The Standout Resume”

As a recent graduate with no practical experience in my field, I was having a very difficult time finding a job. I had submitted my resume to many different positions, and had not received any calls back. Frustrated with the lack of success, I hired Edward to help with my resume. I cannot articulate the quality of the service I received; I finally had a professional looking resume which immediately landed me a job with the municipal government. I would highly recommend Edward and his highly skilled resume writing abilities.”

K.Campbell [2013 Grad]
Honours BA in Criminology and Justice – University of Ontario Intitute of Technology.

“The Standout Resume”

“Edward Draycott works wonders. There is no doubt.
Prior to utilizing Edward Draycott’s résumé building services, I had thought of both my résumé, and myself, as strong contenders in the job search process. As a recent university graduate, I had high hopes and even higher expectations for my first full time, in-field job. After a few months, those expectations quickly turned into a harsh reality and I realized that entering the workforce would take more than a quick summary of my know-how. I had previously thought that my education, combined with my volunteer and work experience would be sure to please on their own. As many graduates are beginning to realize, subpar résumés will go virtually unnoticed, despite the long list of special credentials they may carry. I had sent out résumé after résumé, receiving few responses and that’s when I knew that I desperately needed to seek help if I ever wanted to proceed. Prior to Edwards editing, my credentials were being masked by chaos and useless information. Edward was able to completely restructure, reword, and reorganize my résumé in a stunning manner that not only fine-tuned and highlighted my credentials, but also made it visually appealing without even having to read a word. I knew the second I saw my revamped resume that I was sure to impress. Edward pushed my resume to a whole new level, revamping it in ways unimaginable and simply unattainable without his service. After having only sent out a handful of resumes following the edit, I managed to land myself a dream job. Having Edward work his magic was one of the best career choices I have made since graduation, and I am incredibly grateful for his divine knowledge surrounding the true art of resume building. I have suggested Edward to all of family and friends, as well as colleagues who are also looking to progress. I have said it once, and I will say it again, Edward Draycott works wonders, there is no doubt.”

K.Beloff [2013 Grad]
Honours BSocSc in Conflict Studies and Human Rights – University of Ottawa.

“Personal Branding” Keynote Speech

“Edward Draycott is an expert when it comes to conveying his knowledge of self-branding and how he has applied it his own life choices only solidifies it even more. I can speak for myself and many other peers that attended his presentation when I say that Edward’s presentation at our fraternity house was absolutely “eye-opening”. Through his fluid utilization of Microsoft Powerpoint during his presentation, Edward was able to visually convey his knowledge to the audience as if it was a personal conversation. I have known Edward for a couple of years now and I have watched him progress through his life with the highest of standards that I have ever seen.”

B.Bolger [2015 Expected]
Honours BHS in Kinesiology – University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

“Personal Branding” Keynote Speech

“Edward is a master of branding for success and an excellent presenter. During my attendance at a Leadership Training Initiative Seminar for our fraternity chapter, Edward gave an eloquent and eye-opening presentation to our members about the importance of self-advocacy and why it is important to have a personal brand that was very well received by students seeking entry into the world of professional careers. I have also had the pleasure of working with Edward as he aided me with creating an eye catching newsletter for our alumni – one of my responsibilities within the chapter. I look forward to Edward’s next insightful presentation!”

D.A. Serbert [2014 Expected]
Honours BA in Communications – University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

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